What Are The Best Types Of Mattresses and What To Stay Away From

Mattresses are a personal purchase, and that’s why it’s so important to select the right one. Do you want something soft and luxurious, or hard and firm? Would you prefer something made with natural materials like cotton or polyester, or do you desire an eco-friendly option? This article will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the different types of mattresses available out there in order to help you choose what is most suited for your needs.

What are the best types of mattresses?

There are a number of different types of mattresses, each designed to meet different needs. Before you decide on a mattress to buy, however, you will want to take a look at the one that provides the most comfort and value for your money. Here are some of the best mattress types:

1) Memory Foam mattress.

Memory foam is typically a dense and firm material, meaning that it will provide good support for your body. Also, memory foam mattresses are able to contour your body shape so that you will get the optimal amount of support. Memory foam mattresses tend to be very durable, and they are also the most expensive option on this list.

2) Buckwheat Mattress.

Buckwheat is a type of plant known as Polygonum Fagopyrum. It has a number of different uses, one of which is in the production of mattresses. Buckwheat provides firm support for your body but it tends to be more flexible than other mattress options out there. Note that it is important to have a good foundation for your buckwheat mattress because the material can be compressed under too much pressure. In addition, buckwheat is an open-celled type of material, meaning that it will help promote air circulation.

3) Latex Mattress.

Latex mattresses are made from plant-based materials and are typically more expensive than other options. In addition, latex is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Latex is also known for its ability to contour the body so that it provides the perfect amount of support for your back and stomach. Some people with sensitive skin may experience discomfort from latex mattresses, however, as they may be allergic to the material or to some of its components.

4) Pocketed Coil Mattress.

A pocketed coil mattress is constructed with a number of innerspring that are covered by the fabric. It is well-known as a durable and supportive mattress that can be found both in modern and traditional bedroom setups.

5) Air Mattress.

An air mattress is another relatively common choice, as it is easy to set up and use. It is also lightweight and collapsible, which makes it easy to transport. The air mattress is a popular choice for campers and outdoorsmen who want to spend a few hours on the ground without having to sleep in a tent or air mattress.

6) Latex Hybrid Mattress.

A latex hybrid mattress is constructed with a high percentage of natural latex, but also includes additional fillers such as memory foam and cotton. This combination allows the latex to be softer while also providing good support for your body.

7) Water Pipe Mattress.

A water pipe is a type of mattress that was typically used for resting by people in ancient times. The material is sealed up with waterproof wrapping, which keeps it dry and prevents bacteria from getting in. It is also a very durable mattress that you can use indoors or outdoors as needed or desired.

Those are some of the best types of mattresses to buy. Do you know what type of mattress you prefer? As mentioned earlier, it is important to note that you want to make sure that your mattress is durable and supportive of your body type.

What to stay away from

There are certain types of mattresses that are not a good choice for your specific needs. Here are some common ones that you should avoid:

1) Flippable Mattress.

A flippable mattress is a good choice if you are often traveling with short periods of time to sleep. However, the mattress is quite hard and not very comfortable. Also, you will quickly tire out of the firmness as you sleep on it.

2) Futon Mattress.

Futon mattresses are actually quite similar to flippable mattresses in the sense that they are firm and not very comfortable. They also tend to be expensive, making them a poor choice for your needs.

3) Uncertified Organic Mattresses.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly mattress, it is important to make sure that it has been certified as such. By going with an anchored organic mattress, you are decreasing the amount of safety and comfort associated with your mattress.

4) Imitation Leather Mattresses.

Many people would like to choose a leather mattress for its softness and luxury. However, if you go with an imitation version, you will not get the same benefits as a real one, and your investment will be wasted.

5) Used or Refurbished Mattresses.

Another important thing to remember is that you should be wary of used or refurbished mattresses. Not only can they have bacteria in them, but they will also not provide the level of comfort or support that you are looking for.

6) Memory Foam Mattresses Without a Foundation.

Memory foam mattresses are wonderful, but it is important to make sure that you have a good foundation for them as well. If it does not get the support it needs, then you may find yourself waking up with a sore back and head.

What to consider when buying a mattress

Before you go out and buy a new mattress for your needs, there are a few things that you will want to consider. Here are some of the most important ones:

1) Budget.

The first thing that you will want to do is figure out how much money you have available to spend on a new mattress. That way, you can know ahead of time how much money you need to save up in order to complete your purchase.

2) Type of Mattress.

Once you know your budget, you can start looking into the different types of mattresses that are available to you. Once you have chosen what type of mattress to buy, it will be easier to get started on your search.

3) Quality.

The next thing that you will want to consider is the quality and durability of your mattress. After all, if it is not comfortable or supportive, then it will not be worth the money in the long term.

4) Existing Mattress.

Before you go out and buy a new mattress, you will want to consider if your old one is still usable. If it is, then you should try to sell it or donate it so that you can free up some of the space in your home. Once your old mattress has been taken care of, you can now focus on what mattress to buy.

5) Mattress Life Cycle.

The mattress life cycle is an important aspect to keep in mind so that you can make smart decisions about whether or not to buy a new mattress for your needs. Here is what a mattress life cycle looks like:

a) When your mattress is new, it will be a good choice for your needs. However, it will only last for up to three years before being replaced by something new.

b) After three years, you will need to buy a new mattress.

c) After three more years, the mattress will start losing its ability to support your body.

d) Once this happens, it is not recommended that you buy a new mattress. Instead, you should focus on getting your old one repaired until it reaches a point where it can support your body once again.


In conclusion, mattresses are quite important to have in your home. If you think that you are spending too much money on one, then it is definitely worth the investment in the long run. Make sure that you consider all of the various options available to you so that you can find the best one for your needs. You can do this by doing a bit of research about different types of mattresses and what they are good for.

Top 15 Sites For Purchasing A Mattress

How To Buy An Ideal Mattress Online

1) Types Of Mattresses

There are many types of mattresses to choose from. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are popular. But some people also buy foam or latex mattresses. So, pick your mattress wisely.

2) Size

The size of a mattress depends on – how many people would sleep on them. There are King-size mattresses, queen-size mattresses, and twin mattresses. Full-size mattresses and Twin XL are also loved by some people. Hence, you should choose the right size mattress for you.

3) Warranty and Trial

Many online stores don’t offer trials. But some stores offer 100 days or 100 nights trials. Moreover, some online mattress stores have a 10-year warranty and some stores have a 15-year warranty. That’s why the warranties from online stores may vary.

4) Delivery

If you think all the online stores are delivering mattresses to your home for free, then you are wrong. Some stores won’t deliver free mattresses. Hence, read all the delivery conditions carefully.

Top 15 Sites For Purchasing A Mattress

1) Amazon

It’s needless to say that Amazon is one of the most trusted online stores in the entire world. Amazon offers a wide range of pricing and you will also get free delivery. Moreover, Amazon mattresses may have 100-night trials with them. So, they have mattresses for everybody.

2) Overstock

With nice reviews and a wide product range, Overstock can be called a great destination for mattress buyers. They have a long list of mattress options. You can use their coupons for discounts. Almost all of their mattresses come with a warranty and free delivery options.

3) Avocado

Non-toxic mattresses with a 25-year warranty make Avocado one of the best online mattress stores. They manufacture organic and vegan mattresses. Apart from that, these mattresses are anti-microbial and dust particles won’t stick to them. Hence, it’s a really good online store for buying safe mattresses.

4) Mattress Firm

The best part of this store is that they have physical stores along with an online store. This means you can visit the store, talk to experts, feel the mattress, and then you can buy it. You will get a 120-day trial, free shipping, and good pricing. So, visit their store.

5) Nectar

If you are after luxurious mattresses, then Nectar would be an ideal store for you. Their mattresses have multiple layers and cooling gel. As a result, you will sleep on them comfortably. You will get a lifetime warranty and a 365-day trial. Hence, these mattresses are worth trying.

6) Saatva

Saatva is known for its luxurious-quality mattresses. These rich mattresses are not overpriced and you will get great customer support. Foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and classic mattresses are in their stores. They offer a 180-night trial and they would also remove your old mattress. So, it’s a heaven full of good mattresses.

7) Bear

Bear is famous for the advanced technology that they use to manufacture mattresses. They claim that their mattresses can keep your body cool and they can heal your body. They offer a 120-night sleep trial with a lifetime warranty.

8) Casper

Casper is a seriously popular online store in the world of mattresses. They have 4 types of mattresses and they sell sleep accessories. However, 100-night trial, free shipping, and fast delivery make this site an ideal one. So, visit Casper and enjoy professional customer support.

9) Sleep Number

Responsive Air technology, a long warranty, and a 100-night trial are some of the top features of this mattress store. Their mattresses are smart and you can also buy sleep accessories from them. The store can also help you to choose the perfect bed for you.

10) Macy’s

If you are looking for a mattress with competitive pricing, then you would love Macy’s. They have all kinds of mattresses in their store (offline) and they offer a 120-night trial. You will find popular mattress brands at Macy’s. So, just visit their store.

11) Leesa

Leesa offers only three types of mattresses. But these mattresses are some of the best mattresses in the market. They sell hybrid, foam, and coil mattresses. You will get a 100-night free trial with these mattresses and their return policy is also free.

12) Bed Bath & Beyond

Free delivery and high-end mattresses are the primary features of this online store. They deliver fast and they offer a 120-night trial. You can get great discounts on these mattresses. So, collect the coupons and grab a deal.

13) Wayfair

Wayfair is a popular name in the world of online shopping. They sell excellent products and their mattresses are not an exception. The store has good brands and you will get a 100-night trial for free. Moreover, you would also find high-quality sleep accessories at Wayfair.

14) Purple

Purple is a super popular mattress brand In the US. Their mattresses are really comfortable and they are designed following scientific theories. Purple’s mattresses are available in online and offline stores. However, their (original and hybrid) mattresses have a 120-night trial. So, they are worth trying.

15) Tuft & Needle

This online mattress company is an old one. They have a technology called – adaptive foam. That’s why these mattresses are different. They offer a 100-night trial and these mattresses are budget-friendly. You can buy Tuft & Needle mattresses from its retail shops. The store promises a long warranty on their mattresses.

How To Choose A Good Online Mattress Store

1) Reviews

Before choosing an online mattress store, you should read the reviews. Reviews will tell you almost everything about the company. So, reviews are important.

2) Pricing

Some companies love to rob their customers. But a smart mattress buyer always compares prices. Hence, don’t forget to compare the prices of the mattresses.

3) Products

When buying a mattress, you should read its features. A comfortable mattress must be made of new-age technology. So, know your mattress first.

You may find many online stores that sell mattresses. But you should do your own research before buying from them. An expensive mattress may not be always comfortable. That’s why try to pick a mattress smartly. The above 15 sites can help you to buy luxurious and affordable mattresses. So, visit these sites and choose a superb mattress for you.

Best Mattress Brands

A good mattress is useful in every way. It not only helps you get a good and comfortable sleep; it also enhances your posture and sleep cycle. If you are a health-conscious person, you need to find out the best mattress for your bed. Having the one that has the best reviews online, or profuse ads, may not provide the right comfort. So, keeping your comfort and good sleep in mind, we have detailed the reviews of the best mattress brands out there with prices. Take a look.


Saatva provides high-quality mattresses that receive excellent ratings from customers, mainly for people who have used them for over five years. Unlike the mattresses that are usually sold online, the Saatva mattress is a traditional one with an innerspring, and these are sold in physical stores. You will get a competitive price if you buy from an online store with free delivery year-long trial period, old mattress removal, and set up. You will get three comfort levels. This brand is best for people who love the bounce of the mattress and the sinking feeling. This is also great if you are looking for full-service home delivery.

The mattress is made of a plush surface and high-density foam that gives relief from pressure and offers support. The firm foam gives better support to your body, and it will keep you in the bed when you climb in the bed.


* It prevents overheating and has better breathability
* Free setup and delivery
* High support and scores for perfect comfort


* The price is increasing regularly
* You will have to pay a $99 return fee


$995 to $2710


Helix offers medium soft and firm mattresses. If you are looking for perfect balance in your bed then this should be your option. The mattress is a hybrid model that has foam layers over the coil and you can add the things like built-in pillowtop, ergonomic support, and moisture-wicking feature. This brand is perfect for the ones who change their position at night.

The mattress is made of support and memory foam with a layer of cradling foam as well. It offers durability and edge support.


* Get ergonomic support from the zoned coils
* Best if you like to change sides throughout the night
* Offers medium softness and firmness


* Boxed hybrids are expensive
* The mattress is heavy with no handles


$1199 to $2499


If you buy an affordable mattress it doesn’t need to give a cheap service. Allswell offers affordable mattresses that have high ratings and better features. Although the price of mattresses has increased in recent years, Allswell has kept the rate convenient for customers. You will get a hybrid mattress that includes coils and memory foam for better sleep and support. You will get free shipping but you have to set it up.

If you are looking for better comfort under thousand dollars then Allswell is the brand for you. This is mostly well received by young people who do not have much edge support.


* Users have reviewed positively
* Easy DIY setup and free and quick delivery
* The hybrid model includes coils and foam.


* Has no edge support


$399 to $599


This is comparatively a new brand and they are offering the latest models. The mattress is made of foam and coils which provides better alignment. Each part of the mattress offers different firmness and gives better comfort. This is best for back and side sleepers, and if you have back pain, this mattress brand is a good option for you.

The mattress is made of a top layer of foam, coils, and a zoned foam layer that targets the pressure points. You will get edge support with better durability.


* Perfect support and comfort ratings from customers and testers
* Users reported better sleep quality
* Offers ergonomic sections for alignment


* Recovery claims from customers and it isn’t that eco-friendly


$1721 to $3565


When you are shopping for mattresses online, Casper is one of the best brands you will find in the shops. The brand offers the most popular mattresses on the bedding platform. You will get free delivery and you have to set it up yourself. You will get contactless and quick delivery. The mattresses from Casper do not have coils, instead, it has some special layers that make them a pretty good option in the market. You will get a spine alignment feature with an ergonomic design.

If you are looking for a cradling feature, you will get it from this mattress. The mattresses are made of memory foam that is good for back and side sleepers.

The stretchy cover is made from recycled bottles and a signature Casper memory foam with better support and a base foam that prevents sagging and sinking.


* Mattresses from Casper are easy to order online. You have to set it up on your own.
* Users gave the best reviews for improved shape
* Gives perfect ergonomic support


* If you upgrade to higher models with add-ons the price will increase automatically.


$895 to $1520


Nolah has the best marks on all types of mattresses. Especially, if you are suffering from back pain, you can choose this brand for your bed. The mattresses from this brand offer medium firmness and you will get the best support with softness. The mattresses are made of cradling foam and material that gives relief from pressure. You will get perfect spine alignment and you can choose a mattress that can support your weight.

This is good for back pain, hip pain, sciatica, and pregnancy-related discomfort. This is designed for different sleep positions.

Nolah mattresses prevent overheating, give relief from pressure and it’s made of high-density foam with supportive edges.


* Users and testers reviewed it best for lower body pain
* The mattresses are designed for different sleep positions
* Good support and comfort scores from users


* The mattress can be heavy to set up all by yourself


$1599 to $3598


Finding the perfect mattress brand can be a hassle. However, if you are concerned about your sleep cycle or suffer from back pain issues, it’s best to go for the best and most high-quality mattress brands. You can take a look at the mattress brands we have reviewed in this article and check the price and your comfort level before you choose to buy from any of the above mentioned brands.

7 Byourbed Oversized Comforters

When you want to get cozy in your bed, a soft oversized comforter that will keep you warm is all you need! Comforter sales were usually up during the fall. However, they are now in high demand all season long. Maybe the Pandemic and the changes it bought to everyone’s lifestyle is the reason behind it.

Anyways, if you are on the hunt for a comfortable and effective oversized comforter that will elevate the vibe of your bedroom, look no further than the ones sold by the trusted Byourbed. They have a vast collection of popular oversized comforters in different sizes and price ranges. Next, 7 of them are reviewed to help you find the best one for your bed. So, do keep on reading to find out more.


Here are the reviews of the 7 best oversized comforters available at the reliable Byourbed online store with their prices:

1. Chunky Bunny Queen Oversized Comforter (Nightfall Navy) []

This durable oversized comforter comes in a stunning color and is constructed with thick inner polyester fill (280 GSM). Get to enjoy the ultimate comfort and warmth because of the super-soft plush (450 GSM) present on both sides of the comforter. This heavy comforter has medium-length, thick plush fibers that will feel amazing when rubbed against the skin.

This Queen comforter will come with 2 standard-sized shams (20″x26″x2″ Flange). This comforter by the brand is also available in a bigger size (King), and they come with 2 King-sized shams (the price will be more). It is machine-wash safe, but do wash it alone without bleach with a gentle, cold setting.


PRICE: $174.35

2. Snorze Twin XL Oversized Comforter (Dusty Blue [] )

The brand promises that this oversized comforter can help you have the best sleep possible. This lightweight comforter is constructed with 360 GSM filling that is fluffy, puffy, soft, and almost cloud-like. You will not get overheated when using this one as it has a breathable cotton exterior, making it ideal all year round. The pastel blue color of this comforter goes with all bedroom décor.

This easy-to-clean (machine washable) comforter is available in 3 bigger sizes (Queen, King, and Alaskan King). The price will go up as you move up the size. The shams for this comforter are sold separately.


PRICE: $112.68

3. Are You Kidding Twin XL Oversized Comforter (Peppered Black) []

This heavy comforter has long-length plush fibers that are ultra-soft with a luxurious, silk-like feeling. The comforter can provide ideal warmth as it is constructed with thick inner polyester fill (270 GSM). The color is brilliant and can elevate the look of the bedroom.

You will get 1 standard-sized sham with the Twin XL size (20″x26″x 2″ Flange). This comforter is available in two more sizes (Queen and King) and they come with 2 shams each. The price will be more as they are bigger in size. It can be cleaned in a washing machine. Just make sure that you wash it separately/alone in a cold, gentle setting.


PRICE: $94.75

4. Oh Sweetie Bare Twin XL Oversized Comforter (Alloy) []

This is a lightweight comforter in a classic color that has short-length, luxurious plush faux fur on the front. The brand uses its Bare Bottom silky plush material (spandex-infused microfiber) to construct the reverse side. You can stay warm and cozy with this comforter which is made with thick down alternative filling (280 GSM).

You can get this comforter in a bigger size as 3 other sizes namely Full, Queen, and King are available (the price will vary). It is very easy to clean this comforter as it is machine-washable. Just make sure to not pour detergent and bleach directly on this comforter.


PRICE: $72.59

5. Golden Egg Queen Oversized Comforter (Peachy Pink with Gold Foil) []

This comforter is perfect for those sleepers who prefer heavy-weighted bedding. Not only it comes in a soothing light color, but it has gold foil infused in the short-length plush fibers giving it a royal vibe. The material used for the front side is velvety to the touch. For the reverse side, the brand used soft teddy fleece for utmost comfort. Get ample heat from this comforter which is made with inner polyester filling (270 GSM).

The look will be completed with 2 standard-sized shams having the same look as the comforter (20″x26″x2″ Flange). They come with this comforter. One more size (King) is available at a higher price point. The gold foil accents will not hinder the cleaning process. It is washing machine-safe as long as you wash it in a cold, gentle cycle.


PRICE: $168.11

6. The Original Plush Twin XL Oversized Comforter (Frosted Arctic Ice) []

This comforter claims to be so cozy that you might not want to leave your bed. This durable, medium-weight comforter is made with short-length plush fibers (330 GSM) that are luxurious and soft. It is made with thick inner polyester fill (280 GSM) that will not overheat your body. The calm color will surely compliment your bedroom wall color.

The shams are not available with the purchase and you have to buy them separately. You can choose the comforter in 3 other sizes (Full, Queen, and King). The price of this easy-to-clean comforter will depend on the size you go for.


PRICE: $96.60

7. Unicorn Dreamz Twin XL Oversized Comforter (Starburst Rainbow) []

If you are looking for a more whimsical comforter that will create a different vibe in your bedroom, this one will be a perfect choice. The luxurious plush fibers (420 GSM) in different colors create a tie-dye look. Pastel turquoise, purple, and pink are used to achieve the unicorn or magical vibe. This heavy-weight comforter is constructed using thick inner polyester filling (270 GSM) for proper warmth.

You will get only 1 standard-sized sham with this one (20″x26″x 2″ Flange). If you choose the other two sizes (Queen and King), you will then get 2 shams each. Of course, the price will go up as you go up a size. This washing machine-washable comforter can look brand new after a wash in a gentle, cold setting.


PRICE: $89.99


These were the 7 Byourbed oversized comforters that are popular and practical. Their prices have been mentioned here as well. Do use the information provided here to conduct your own research and find out which one will best suit your comforter requirements, preferences, and budget.

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